IASSA 2015

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IASSA 2015 Scientific Programme

IASSA 2014

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IASSA 2014 Scientific Programme

Keynote presentation by Prof Khalid Lafdi

Photos taken at IASSA 2014 are available on our Facebook page

IASSA 2013

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IASSA 2013 Scientific Programme 

See presentations given at IASSA 2013 here.

IASSA 2012

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IASSA 2012 Scientific Programme 

Keynote Presentations given at IASSA 2012:

Beeuwen Gerryts, DST: SA Aerospace Sector Development Plan

Sofi Bin-Salamon, AFOSR: US Air Force Office of Scientific Research & Joint International Collaborations

Cynthia Bedell, US Army RDECOM:  International Technology Center

Stephen Lee, ARL:  US Army Research Laboratory

Joan Ma Pierre, DTRA: Defense Threat Reduction Agency Basic Research Program

Letlotlo Phohole, TIA: Technology Innovation Agency

Sandile Malinga, SANSA: SANSA Overview

David Stargel, AFRL: Multi-Scale Structural Mechanics and Prognosis

IASSA 2011

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IASSA 2011 Scientific Programme

IASSA 2010

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IASSA 2010 Scientific Programme

IASSA 2009

View the abstracts from IASSA 2009 Click here to view the abstracts