Technical Committee


The Technical Committee for AeSSA Conference 2017 is convened by Dr Glen Snedden.


Glen Snedden Dr Glen Snedden PrEng MRAeS
Dr Snedden is the Research Group Leader for Air Power applications with the CSIR's Aeronautical Systems Competency. He completed his PhD at Durham University in the UK specialising in turbomachinery aerodynamics and his undergraduate and MSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering at the then University of Natal, specialising in turbine heat transfer. In his 20 year career at the CSIR he has worked with a variety of international engine manufacturers and participated in two EU FP research projects. He is the National Representative to the International Society for Air Breathing Engines, technical advisor to the dti's Aerospace Industry Support Initiative and is an extraordinary lecturer at the University of Pretoria. He is the current President of the Aeronautical Society of South Africa.
Madeleine L Combrinck Madeleine Combrinck is a former Naval Engineering Officer with the South African Navy. Madeleine is currently a CFD specialist at Flamengro, a division of Armscor R&D SOC Ltd. She holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Stellenbosch University and is currently completing a PhD through the University of Pretoria. She is both a council member of the AeSSA and the South African Ballistic Organisation.