About AeSSA


About AeSSA

The Aeronautical Society of South Africa (AeSSA) is a fully-fledged Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RaeS). Through its long and distinguished history (established in 1866), the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) with headquarters in London has evolved as THE global focal point for the entire aerospace community. With a membership approaching some 20 000 worldwide, the Society has Divisions and Branches spread around the globe and accommodates all individuals and companies associated with and having an interest in aerospace.

The Aeronautical Society of South Africa was formed in 1911, and a Division of the Royal Aero Society was established in Johannesburg 1949. In the year 2001 the South African Institute of Aerospace Engineering, AeSSA and the Royal Division merged, and this new South African organisation was registered as a Section 21 Company in terms of the Companies Act under the name The Royal Aeronautical Society of South Africa (RAeSSA). In 2005 the Society changed its name back AeSSA, whilst retaining its Royal Division status.

Our membership ranges from highly revered aerospace professionals to enthusiastic amateurs. We also embrace companies as members through the Associated Company Scheme(ACS), which includes some of the largest aerospace organisations in the world, to name Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Denel Aviation, Dowty, Daimler Chrysler Aerospace , BAE Systems, etc as just a few of the number of some 100 company members.

Membership of the Society is your opportunity to exploit in unique source of inspiration, to broaden your knowledge, exchange ideas with specialists in their field, but in short, to experience and be able to influence the course of progress.

We arrange lectures, conferences, symposia and training courses, as well as award prizes, bursaries and medals for certain categories of personnel in recognition of their achievements. Additionally, we carry out accreditation of university and technicon courses on behalf of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Membership of the Society provides a path to professional engineering registration.

While well over 50% of our membership is engineering-related, we also welcome other professions and interest groups, including aviation law, aviation medicine, flight operations, ground operations, air traffic control, airport operations, aviation historians, and enthusiasts. The grade of membership is dependent on one’s qualification, experience, seniority, etc, ranging from Affiliate to fellow.

This site covers the activities of AeSSA, how we help develop the potential of individual members and contribute to the overall advancement of aerospace. Additionally, you will discover the very special personal privileges of membership, including international recognition.

An application form and the special rates applicable to the Aeronautical Society of South Africa may be downloaded. Apply today and help shape the aerospace community of tomorrow, but please send your application form to above address for processing, ensuring that you have the appropriate sponsors signing your form who must also insert their initials in the right-hand column provided, testifying to your career details. Please also include notarised copies of your degrees, certificates and licences certifying that they are true copies of the originals.

For further information e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.